Tripl3 B

Free spirit with smooth flows

Tripl3 B behind venue

Triple B is a young smooth Hip-Hop / RnB artist from Atlanta. Tripl3 B first linked up with 8D in 2014 and released his first single "Where It At?" to a huge reception. Unfortunately Tripl3 B had a disagreement with the model he used for the music video and it was pulled off of YouTube. in 2015 Tripl3 B was apart of the hit song "Aww yeah" Ft Charley Brownn & DuB Da Mac which saw mid commercial success and placement. tripl3 B has been on a crazy life journey the past few years and is now working with Dub on a new project and looking at a spring or summer album debut!

"Where It At?" - Single

Tripl3 B "Where It at?" - Single

Download "Where It At?" today click the photo above for the iTunes link or the button below for the GooglePlay link! Stream tripl3 B on Spotify today!

Download "Where It At?" on GooglePlay here

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Tripl3 B is known for his smooth melodic flows and laid back style it will be interesting to hear the new music he creates in the next few months! make sure you follow @TripleB8D on Instagram for updates!