Lompoc's future legend


Efect grew up all over the 805, His family was broke most his life they had to bounce around from city to city apartment to apartment & school to school to make ends meet. Efect Never knew his father while growing up and quickly became the man of the house to help raise his little sisters. Efect really caught on to hip hop wen he was 13 years old, one of his brothers started trying to write Efect quickly developed his own style and flow, influenced by  artist like Living Legends, Murs and Atmosphere. Efect knew he made better music than most of the up and coming artists especially after hearing this wack ass parody track called “im a gangster” he figured if someone was makin something like that anybody can pretty much make anything outta music.As a teenager Efect didn't take music as serious as he does today, He just loved to write. When Efect Turned 18 things started changing, He started wanting to actually make music for people that related to his pain, past and struggle. Efect's goal right  now is too release as much music as possible that will change the world.

E-Fect "Mood"

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E-Fects debut single "Mood"

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