April 2019

Need Studio Time?


Let us help you get into the right recording studio with your sound! Our team is dedicated to helping artists develop their sound and fanbase! If you need representation contact us today!

Iconic & Sirus preparing their debut single "EAT"


Texas natives and long time hip-hop duo I&S is getting ready to release their debut single on iTunes, Google Play & Everywhere else music is digitally available!

E-Fect's Debut album the Complex Drops on 4/20


E-Fect's debut album is filed with deep emotionally impacted music. there is a track for everyone and every type of person on this project. E-Fect taps into every mood and energy on the Complex in hopes that it will help connect every person that hears it to his struggle and lifestyle.

RIP Nipsey Hussle


Eighth Dimension Ent. artists would like to send the condolences to Nip's family, friends and fans. It's a heartbreaking announcement that has shaken the hip-hop world at its core. His life and legacy will never be forgotten and we pledge to continue spreading Nip's message and mantra through the world! Rest in peace  Nipsey Hussle, The Marathon Continues!

KRE Show Dates TBA


KRE is getting ready to take her new music on the road! tickets will be available beginning Late April Early May!

March 2019

Rilla signs management deal with 8D Ent.

Rilla rapping at Zoom recording Studio

Straight out of Utica NY we bring you one of the realist rappers to come out the struggle Rilla! Rilla will be dropping a hot debut project with us this summer check out Rilla Rilla on YouTube today!

Pre-Order E-Fects Debut album The Complex today!

E-Fect the Complex

Head over to iTunes by clicking the photo above or link below and pre-order E-Fects debut project The Complex today!

Pre-Order the Complex here!

KRE gearing up for first Promo tour!


KRE worked hard dropping 2 albums a single and a mixtape with another single on the horizon titled "Fat B*tch" we've been making all the preparations for her first promotional tour if there is a venue ou'd like to see KRE perform in let us know! Check out some of the Merchandise that will be available here on our online store!!!!

February 2019

Dub Da Mac's new single "I Did That" now available on all platforms!

Dub Da Mac "I Did That"  - Single

Dub Da Mac's latest single "I Did That" is a high energy track aimed at Dub's doubters and haters make sure y'all check out this little slap today! click the photo above for the iTunes link or click the button below for the GooglePlay link! Stream it now on Spotify and Apple Music!

Download "I did That" - Single on googleplay here

ICONIC & Young Syrus set to join the team Feb.8th!


2 young charismatic MC's from Pleasington TX. are about to travel to California for their first times to work with Dub Da mac on their first official studio project! expect to hear a lot of dope new music from this duo in the next few coming months! 

KRE's World FREE mixtape drops exclusively on datpiff FEB. 5th!

KRE - KRE's World - Mixtape

KRE's next project KRE's World drops exclusively on Datpiff.com FEBRUARY 5th! you won't want to misss out on downloading this mixtape and adding it to your collection of KRE's growing musical catalogue! Click the photo above to download it now for free!!!!!!

E-Fect's album The Complex gets a pushed back release date

E-Fect in the Studio

E-Fect want's his album sounding perfect for his release so We're back in the studio one last time on the 9th wrapping up the project and getting it ready for a early March Release date stay tuned for more info!

Engineer Spotlight! Taylor Owens


Future award winning engineer Taylor Owens has worked closely with KRE, E-Fect, Dub Da Mac and several other Eighth Dimension Ent. artists his engineer skills are amazing and he has an amazing voice to lend to any track if you need it! We are truly blessed to be able to work with such a talented individual!

January 2019

KRE releases Lucie LP on all websites and platforms!

KRE Lucie Lp Album Cover

Download KRE's 11 track album on iTunes today! click the link below or on the picture!

Download Lucie Here!

Tripl3 B returning to Cali to work on a new project with 8D Ent.

Tripl3 B Logo

It's been 3 years since we last heard 8D artist Tripl3 B on the hit song "Aww Yeah"  With Charley Brownn & Dub Da Mac but now we'll be getting a full length EP and more from one of our veteran artists in the coming months! We are excited to have Tripl3 B back on the team!



E-Fect dropped his debut single & video "Mood" and has been getting some great reviews on it make sure you don't miss out on this future underground legends first single and check it out on al digital platforms! Don't forget to check out his visuals on Youtube!

Download Mood Here!

Dub Da Mac Drops new single "I Did That" Feb 1st!

Dub Da Mac "I Did That" album cover

Dub Da Mac took a whole year off in 2018 to recover, write and focus on developing new artists and a new project that we will be getting the first single from on the 1st day of February 2019!

2019 Tour Dates coming for spring!

Dub Da Mac & Charley Brownn on stage

We are booking a promotional tour across the country from coast to coast with KRE, E-Fect, Dub Da Mac, Boo Gotti & other Eighth Dimension Ent. artists who knows maybe even Charley Brownn will make a guest appearance!

2019 brings many new releases from our team!

2019 End of winter Promo Flyer

O Soo Clean, Dub Da Mac, KRE & E-Fect are all dropping new singles and albums to kick off the new year! click the flyer above to see the release dates!

E-Fect Drops Debut Music Video & Single 1/11/19


E-Fect has been hard at work on his debut studio project The Complex on Friday January 11th 2019 he will be debuting his first single on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else music is readily available. He will also be dropping some dope new visuals filmed by Dub Da Mac the same day!

New Artists coming in 2019

Dub Da Mac in the Studio with Kre & E-Fect

Young Sirus & Iconic out of Pleasanton Texas are coming to work with us out here in LA we're excited to bring you a dope new unique hip-hop duo for the New Year! Also be on the lookout for Boo Gotti coming out of Utica NY. his story is deep and inspirational and his flow is hard and quick witted we can't wait to bring you some dope new sounds from these new artists and a few others!

KRE releases HIT song "Anti-Barbie"

Download Anti-Barbie Now!


KRE's latest single "Anti-Barbie" is an homage to all woman and even men who feel like they have too much to live up to society's expectations KRE's message on "Anti-Barbie" is passionate and strong click the links to hear it now!

KRE-"Anti-Barbie" on iTunes

Dub Da Mac releases cover art for Dark Past Bright Future

Dub Da Mac Dark past Album Cover

Dub Da Mac released the Cover Art for his 9th & 10th album releases Dark Past Bright Future the end of 2018 each album will have about 6-8 tracks on them and will be different from any other projects Dub has released in the past!

The Lucie Lp Drops 1/18/19


KRE has spent the better half of the past year cooking up some great new tracks for her first studio album with 8DE and we can't wait for you all to get your hand on a copy of The Lucie LP January 18th 2019!

E-Fect's debut studio album drops Valentines Day 2019


E-Fect is a dope MC from Lompoc CA. with a smooth flow and a unique style all of his own be on the lookout for his debut studio project The Complex 2/14/19!

Dub Da Mac to kill all rumors on his Dark Past Bright Future Project


Dub Da Mac will be releasing an exclusive in depth interview with Dark Past bright Future where he will speak about his past, friendships, love life, business & much more this is one our fans won't want to miss! 

New Merch Coming Soon


LOOOT = Legends On Our Own Terms

new merchandise from all our brands and artists coming this spring and earlier!!!

KRE Dropping Free 8 Track Datpiff exclusive Mixtape

KRe's World Mixtape cover

KRE's world drops on KRE's birthday February 5th 2019! along with her exclusive new iTunes single "Fat B*tch"!

O Soo Clean slated for several releases in 2019


O Soo Clean has been working with Eighth Dimension Ent. for the past 4 years but has yet to drop his first solo projects well that all changes this month when his first single Dora & Diego hit iTunes, spotify & everywhere else music can be digitally downloaded 1/25/19!

Past updates

8.D.E. Online Store Officially open!

The Eighth Dimension Ent. Logo

Get march from your favorite Eighth Dimension Ent. artists today! check out the Online store at the bottom of the page!

KRE drops "Little Bitty Bish" music video a month early!


KRE surprised her fans with a new music video earlier this month make sure you click the link below to check it out and subscribe to KRE's YouTube channel! 

KRE "little Bitty Bish"

Charley Brownn working on 4th Album

Charley Brownn

It's been over a year since we've heard from our favorite Underground lyrical genius what will Charley have in store for us on this next project? will it be his last? interview coming soon!

Dub Da Mac working on 2 new projects

The Demon King Dub Da Mac

Dub has been speaking about his project Dark Past Bright Future while recording the project he is also working on a project that is yet to be titled but will be slated for a summer '19 release!

E-Fect working closely with Dub Da Mac on debut album

E-Fect & Dub Da Mac

E-Fect is an up and coming Hip-Hop / Trap artist from Lompoc, CA. his debut project is being produced closely by Dub Da Mac and recorded in some of the finest studios in CA.

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Dub Da Mac, Charley Brownn , Tripl3 B & Money Ave Sav at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood CA

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